We find earlier date driving test cancellations for you, for just £9.99

Simply tell us the times, dates & test centre(s) that you would like change your driving test to

Our system has the ability to monitor the DVSA booking system for cancellations and change your driving test booking for you. So as soon as one of your chosen options becomes available your new test will be automatically rebooked

Now you don’t have to spend weeks constantly searching online for a new test. And you can avoid paying for expensive text services that randomly require you to urgently check you and your instructors schedules

Just tell us what you want and we will do the rest for you, for just £2.99!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


Step One:

Provide your current test booking details

Step Two:

Choose up to 5 test centres and unlimited dates & times you’d prefer to take your test

Step Three:

Our system will automatically change your driving test booking as soon as one of your preferences becomes available


What service do we offer?

Do you have a practical driving test already booked but do not have the time or patience to continually search for an earlier test, hour after hour, day after day?

By filling in your current test booking details & choosing your own test preferences, we will find and rebook your earlier test for you as soon as a cancellation becomes available

Why use us?

Most test rebooking services send you a text if they find an earlier test appointment. You then have to check if you can do it and then check if your instructor can do it before replying yes or no. All this time someone else may take the newly available appointment. It can be a stressful & frantic time hoping you don’t miss out on an earlier driving test

If you choose to use us we will change your driving test booking on your behalf to a time, date & centre that you have chosen 

You decide before booking when you & your instructor will be available. Then simply choose those test centres, dates and times that you know you will both be available to take your driving test

Our system will book the first one of your options that becomes available, automatically. So you can be sure that you will get a driving test time & date that suits both you and your instructor before anyone else can claim it 

You can choose as many time, date and test centre options as you like for our system to monitor for you

How does it work?

You can search for an earlier driving test yourself by regularly logging into the DVSA system but it is a very time consuming and tedious process and you are only allowed to change the original booking 3 times. More often than not there are no earlier appointments available. However, if you do find an earlier appointment, before you can claim it you will have to check that both you & your instructor are able to attend and hope the test slot does not get taken by someone else. With so many people looking for earlier driving tests new appointment times get taken very quickly, often within 10 minutes of appearing

The alternative is to use a company who regularly logs in manually to search for one on your behalf or a company that uses specialist software to search for tests. But not all software systems out there do the same thing

Our system is really easy for you to use. You simply fill in your current test booking details (driving licence number & booking reference number), choose the times, dates & test centre(s) that you would prefer to take your test and then checkout. That’s it. Our system will do the rest for you

New test appointments become available at random times when someone cancels a booking or when the DVSA adds an examiner to a test centre. As soon as a new test becomes available that matches one of your options, your driving test will be automatically rebooked

It’s Your Test So You Choose… 

You choose the times, dates & test centres

We continuously monitor test availability

Your new test will be automatically rebooked





“The system is very simple to use. And they found my new test so quickly!”

Peter A


“I was resigned to waiting weeks for my test but Test Times Now got me the test I wanted”

Hannah P


“I’m so thankful, I needed an earlier test because of a job offer that required me to drive”

Jacqui G